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A Listing of The Clark Law Office

Matlock was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid. Andy Griffith’s character, Ben Matlock, a criminal defence attorney, would be assigned a case and would collect all of the details in person. He would meet with clients, collect all of the research with his research staff, and use sharp litigation to get his clients the results they desired. Matlock was a down-to-earth lawyer with a gregarious Southern charm. He was a result of a different era, when deals were done on a handshake and decisions were made within an hour of the show’s start time. Have a look at The Clark Law Office.

Unfortunately, law is no longer like that – if it ever was – and today’s lawyers must juggle many roles at the same time. They must advertise themselves to attract new clients because competition for the most lucrative cases is fierce, they must manage a huge caseload, and they must deal with a legal system replete with rules and regulations that must be strictly followed. To make matters worse, considering the legal job market, there are a slew of new law graduates eager to take their place.

Given the challenges that attorneys face, many are turning to technological solutions such as law office software and SEO to make their lives simpler and escape legal fines as well as a drop in new client acquisition. Here are a few of the most common options:

To communicate with clients, use Skype: Given both the client’s and attorney’s busy schedules, Skype and other mobile communications solutions enable attorneys and clients to meet whenever they can, without having to think about transportation or other problems that make face-to-face time inconvenient. Lawyers and clients can see and talk with one another through the front facing camera on their phone or tablet, and obtain the same number of details as if they met in the days of Matlock.