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About Kaps Construction Inc.

The value of your home can be significantly increased by hiring a siding contractor to repair your siding. Failure to contact a contractor when siding replacement is needed, on the other hand, may result in serious damage to your home or company. But how do you know when your siding needs to be replaced? The following signs should raise red flags and send you on the hunt for a siding replacement contractor.You can get additional information at Kaps Construction Inc.

  1. Visual Signs of Deterioration- Over time, the siding will begin to deteriorate. And it’s often very clear. Perhaps your siding is very old. Perhaps the supplies were cheap, or the person who did the original job didn’t do a good job. Whatever the case may be, your siding may begin to show exposed edges. The paint starts to flake and crack, or maybe even parts of the siding start to flake off. It’s possible that some of those edges are missing bits of content. Soft spots and discoloration are two other visible signs of degradation. If you see any of these signs, your siding is in desperate need of repair. Make a phone call to a siding contractor.
  2. Swollen panels and bent boards- A good flat surface should be visible when looking down the side of your house. If you don’t, you’ve got siding problems. Siding panels can swell and boards can bow as a result of excessive moisture exposure. And, if the siding has been ruined by moisture, guess what happens next? The interior of your house. If you find warped siding on the outside of your house, call a siding contractor right away before the problem worsens. Otherwise, you’ll be facing more serious issues down the road.
  3. Peeling caulk- A properly done siding repair job needs clean caulk lines. Caulk will naturally mildew and peel over time. Don’t be deceived. Caulk peeling isn’t just a cosmetic issue. Allowing your caulk to peel will result in water infiltration, which isn’t pretty. Water intrusion may also lead to more serious issues, such as mould, which is a four-letter term. So, if you see caulk peeling, have a siding contractor look at it. They’ll tell you if you only need to re-caulk or whether the siding needs to be replaced as well.
  4. Peeling paint- Plain and basic, painted siding lasts longer than unpainted siding. The paint serves as a barrier against rain, protecting your siding. Your siding’s security is jeopardised if the paint starts to peel. When you contact a siding contractor, they will determine the situation and tell you if your siding simply needs to be repainted or whether it needs to be replaced. They will assist you with whatever you need.