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In today’s economy, selling your home can be a nightmare. The confusion, vulnerability, and fear of never being free of your property will combine to make the sale process a series of unpleasant encounters and near-debilitating moments of self-doubt. Selling your home as soon as possible turns the process into a meaningful experience with tangible benefits you’ll notice right away:Do you want to learn more? Visit PDX Renovations

You will avoid the two-year struggle if you act now. In a strong housing market, a typical realtor could help you sell your home in as little as a month. Sadly, the housing market hasn’t been “perfect” in years and isn’t likely to improve anytime soon. A home will easily take 1 to 2 years to sell via a real estate agent in today’s market. You can sell your property in 1 to 2 weeks if you use non-traditional methods.

Selling Quickly Fits Into Everyone’s Schedule Many people must sell their homes because they are relocating for jobs, for family and relationship reasons, or for other reasons outside their control. You don’t want to be weighed down by a property you used to live in if you’re about to start a new life in a new place. You will move on with complete confidence if you sell your house quickly by non-traditional means.

Avoid Foreclosure If you are concerned about your ability to keep your house, or if you are one missing payment away from foreclosure, you must sell your home quickly to avoid legal action that will follow you for the rest of your life. No conventional realtor will guarantee that your house will sell in time to avoid foreclosure.

The Future of the Market is Uncertain There’s no way to know with 100 percent certainty where the housing market will go in the future. If the past few years are any indication, the housing market has only one predictable feature: unpredictability. If you bet that the demand will rise in the future, you run the risk of losing a lot of money on your property compared to what you can get now.

Home Sales are Guaranteed to Happen Quickly What’s the worst part of selling your house on the open market? The ambiguity of it all.

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