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An Overview of Society Salon

Let’s see, if you start when you’re around two years old and go six times a year until you’re around 70, that’s over 400 visits. Perhaps more impressive is the amount of money you’ll spend cutting, styling, and caring for your hair over the course of your lifetime (over $12,000 USD for an average of $30 visits). This does not include any exclusive hair care items or extra facilities including colouring, perms, treatments, and so on. Checkout Society Salon for more info.
With these figures, it’s fair to assume that our hair plays a significant role in our lives. Choosing the right hair stylist and salon is critical to the success of every hairstyle or operation. Emiliano Vitale, E Salon’s Creative Director in Wahroonga, Australia, says, “All of our clients look to us for guidance. It is our responsibility to listen carefully, consider our clients’ needs and preferences, and then translate this information into a style that is uniquely crafted and adapted to their lifestyle and personal requirements.” Emiliano has been invited to join us for a chat and to answer a few questions about salons, hairdressers, and hairstyles. His thoughtful responses are as follows:
Question: Every year, men and women spend thousands of dollars on salon visits and hair care. However, the majority of people are dissatisfied with the findings. When you read any of the salon reviews online, you’ll notice that some people like the way their cut/color/perm looks but are dissatisfied with the service. Some people complain about hairdressers and employees who are arrogant, rude, or inconsiderate. Why is E Salon special in this regard? How do you handle customer complaints?
Emiliano: First and foremost, hairstylists are a product of their boss. You have rude and arrogant managers, not rude and arrogant team members. Every morning, hairdressers all over the world, and indeed all of humanity, want to give their best. Then they go to work and are arrogant because they are undervalued or have low self-esteem. Each leader has the responsibility of dedicating themselves to their team and inspiring them to work together in a harmonious manner.
I devote myself to my team, and that is the only reason we are successful. I promised myself a long time ago that when one of my team members left, they would leave a better person and a better hairdresser behind. It’s quick to point the finger at our teammates for making errors and not being good enough. But I can assure you that this business, let alone the world, would be a better place if we ALL, including OWNERS, understood that the individual staring back at us in the mirror was responsible for the state of our lives.