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Aura MD – Dr. Ashley Toutounchi -Brief Notes

Before a psychiatrist can start treatment for adult ADHD the first step is diagnosis. This is done by getting a thorough mental health check up done to rule out any kind of mental disorder. The next step in treatment is then determining the level or type of adult ADHD. Different disorders are diagnosed depending on their symptoms and the factors that led to their development. In general, people with ADHD are classified as inattentive, hyperactive or combined. There are also cases where patients have an extra hyperactive symptom and this needs to be taken into consideration too. Do you want to learn more? Visit Aura MD – Dr. Ashley Toutounchi
Once the cause of the ADHD is determined, the patient is treated accordingly. In most cases, a doctor will recommend the use of stimulant based medications like Ritalin to control the symptoms of ADHD.

These medications are highly effective at curing ADHD but they come with some side effects. Once a person has been diagnosed with ADHD, he or she will usually be prescribed with psychostimulants such as Vyvanse or Cylert. These medications work by changing the way the brain reacts to stimuli and increasing the patient’s dopamine levels in the brain.
Psychotherapy is another important part of treating ADHD patients. A psychiatrist who specializes in treating ADD and ADHD patients will prescribe cognitive behavioral therapy, which aims to help patients change their thinking patterns and their responses to various situations. Therapists use several different methods to help patients control their impulsivity and improve their attention span. Cognitive behavioral therapy is especially helpful for patients who suffer from social problems because it can teach them how to appropriately interact with other people.