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Chiropractic Treatment for Car Accidents and Whiplash

Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accidents
How many people go to a chiropractor for help?
According to the Insurance Research Council, one-third of people involved in auto crashes seek chiropractic care for their injuries. According to the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, 3 million new whiplash injuries occur each year. According to other reports, one out of every six people is involved in a car accident each year; that’s a lot of people.
After a car accident, why do so many people seek chiropractic care? Checkout Mill Creek chiropractor for more info.

1. The most common injuries recorded from car accidents are sprains and strains of the spinal muscles and ligaments. Chiropractic doctors are well-versed in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, especially spinal injuries. When you add in chiropractic’s high patient satisfaction rates (nearly 100 percent), you have a winning formula. See the previous article for more information.
Headaches caused by cervical spine disorders, Balla JI, Iansek R. Headache: Problems in Diagnosis and Management, edited by A. Hopkins. WB Saunders, London, 1988.
Should I be examined after the accident?
If you have any of the following signs, you should seek medical attention:
1. Neck ache
2. Migraines
3. Arm Ache
4. Leg Ache
5. Tingling or numbness
6. Feeling dizzy
7. Memory Problems
Ear Ringing (number 8)
9. Any other signs or symptoms…
Your probability of injury is determined by a variety of factors. These considerations include the speeds involved, the location of the collision, and the occupant risk factors.
Whiplash is a term used to describe a condition in which a person’
Whiplash is a non-medical concept that refers to a set of issues known as Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD). FLEXION-EXTENSION INJURIES is a more technical concept. Researchers are also looking into the wide range of issues that these kinds of collisions can cause.

The term was coined in the 1920s and was originally known as railway spine. Muscles and ligaments can stretch, and discs can tear and protrude, according to new technologies and research. The brain, as well as the low back, may be damaged.
What do I do if I’m involved in a car accident?
Make an appointment to get your eyes examined. To assess the seriousness of your injuries, we will conduct a consultation and review. It’s not unusual for symptoms to worsen with time or to go away for weeks or months at a time. It is important to get any injuries examined and recorded as soon as possible after an accident, as well as to obtain proper care.