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Choosing the Right Polaris Property Management, LLC

Advertising Fees: Most successful property managers do not charge extra for selling empty units to
potential tenants since they are charged when the units are leased, and the cost of advertising is
covered by the rental fee. If you have a property that is more difficult to rent than normal, some
property managers will give you the option of additional paid ads.Do you want to learn more? Visit  Polaris Property Management, LLC

Maintenance Fees: Maintenance is a benefit centre for most management companies; some more
than others! Because of the amount that certain management companies handle, they are able to
obtain suppliers at far cheaper prices than you might find on your own, enabling them to benefit on
some maintenance products. Mowing the lawn is a good example of this. A large maintenance
company will mow 100 yards per season and be able to negotiate a volume deal with them for $15-
$20 per yard.
In exchange, they "sell" you this service at a retail rate of $25-$30 per mowing. It's still a good deal
for you because you're not in charge and would expect to pay the same price if you only needed 1-2
yards mowed. Some management firms, on the other hand, go overboard with other maintenance
problems, such as renovations after a resident has moved out. If a bad tenant has been put and has
trashed the house, the security deposit can typically cover most of the things needed to make a
property re-rentable. Some management firms take advantage of this by overcharging for these
repairs in order to boost their profits. Any repairs that sound unnecessary to you should be

inspected and/or bid by a third party. One of the most significant benefits of hiring a property
manager is that they not only handle all aspects of management for you, such as tenant selection,
completion of necessary paperwork, inspections, and so on, but they also handle much of the