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Do Not Forget To File A Claim With Your Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney is a lawyer who offers legal services to individuals who claim to have been harmed, either physically or emotionally, as the result of the negligence of somebody else, a company, government agency, or any other entity. Personal injury attorneys primarily practice in the field of law called tort law. This form of law is responsible for protecting the individual’s rights to pursue legal action against people, organizations or other entities that are found to be liable for damages that occur as a result of someone else’s negligence. Personal injury attorneys are well-versed in tort law and have expert knowledge of civil procedures applicable to this area of law. Therefore, if you are harmed through no fault of your own, it is in your best interests to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your case.Checkout Gerald Tomassian for more info.

In most instances, once you have consulted with a professional, your lawyer will file a claim with the insurance company. It is important to remember that even if your claim is accepted by the insurance company, they are not obligated to compensate you for your pain and suffering. You must contact a personal injury attorney if you feel that you are the victim of fraud or should receive compensation other than the one stated in your insurance policy. An attorney can also advise you on what steps you should take should you decide to file a lawsuit against the responsible party.

Most claims are processed by the insurance company within weeks. However, depending on the nature of your injuries, it may take a few months before your claim is accepted and you receive any money. During this time frame, you are entitled to monetary payments, such as hospital bills, temporary disability income, and loss of earning capacity, which are typically referred to as malpractice insurance. In some cases, the amount of your settlement offer may be contingent upon the severity of your injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other factors. If your attorney receives an acceptance letter from the insurance company, he or she will forward it to you along with the other required documents and paperwork. Once you have signed the papers, you can receive the money and closure on your accident.