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Elegant Winter Fashion Styles

While not everyone is a die-hard fashionista, the majority of people enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends. On our occasional trips to the high street, we usually take notice of a few fashion shoots in style magazines, read a few online blogs, and look at the new shop window displays. We take a look at what’s on sale and who it would complement now that winter fashions have steadily taken over magazines and store windows over the last month or so. see this

While we all enjoy summer, winter clothing is much more enjoyable for both the designer and the wearer. This is largely due to their ability to layer. We discover that we can wear a glamorous figure-hugging jacket, layer it with a long-sleeved loose tunic of a different length, and finish it off with a knitted cardigan, and a whole new world opens up for us. What’s even better is that none of these things have to match. We have the option of meticulously matching the colours in our layers (which can look very tasteful) or selecting colours that contrast in a pleasing way.

This winter, the styles are specifically described as ‘heritage’ or ‘modern,’ and each has its own appeal. Your personal preferences, as well as your lifestyle, will decide whether you lean more toward one or the other. The patterns in the heritage ranges of women’s winter apparel are in the most stunning berry colours one might imagine. They’re rich and vivid, and they perfectly complement the season in a natural way. There’s a sense that the clothes have been woven into the scenery around us. They have a British feel to them, are of good quality, and are clearly vintage influenced. Florals in the designs add a layer of prettiness to the designs for women that isn’t normally seen in winter clothing. Men’s winter clothing shares many of the same colours as women’s clothing, but instead of florals, rich herringbones, tweeds, and checks are used to give us the same sense of superior quality and Britishness.

When we get to the urban ranges, we’re met with sleekness, strength, and modernity. This isn’t a place for nature lovers; it’s all about city life and culture here. The collections evoke a sense of professional youth tinged with sophistication and intrigue. Dark charcoals and slates, graphites and blacks are among the most strong colours. Embellishments are popular, taking the dark colours to new heights and allowing the clothes to practically sparkle as they transition from the daytime office to the city’s bars and restaurants at night. Wools and leathers are effortlessly fused in new ways to question our expectations of how things should be, which is also exciting.