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Facts About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Los Angeles

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has long been a source of frustration for women. Women are only only beginning to find ways to boost their health, and knowing the difference between natural and synthetic hormones is critical. Although the big distinction between natural and synthetic hormones has not been clarified, medical professionals have been recommending synthetic hormones for women since the 1940s. Synthetic hormones are taught to medical physicians, though others are hesitant to use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. As the years passed, more and more people began to consider the advantages and disadvantages of taking synthetic versus bio equivalent hormones. Checkout Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Los Angeles for more info.

Hormone secretion in women decreases as they get older. Hormone therapy is a procedure that removes hormones that the body no longer produces. The body’s cell death would be slowed by replacing hormones. If the hormones are not replaced, the risks of contracting diseases will almost certainly shorten a person’s lifespan. Some hormones are unable to be developed by the body on its own. Premarin, Provera, and Prempro are some examples. Premarin is derived from the urine of a pregnant horse, while other bio similar hormones are derived from soy, yam, and a variety of other herbal products and are identical to the hormones found in our bodies.

When women enter their 40s, their oestrogen levels begin to fluctuate, eventually plummeting as menopause sets in. Estrogen deficiency can lead to weight gain. Bloating, sweating, hot flashes, depression, decreased desire for sexual contact, exhaustion, and itching are all symptoms that can be experienced.

When women age, their progesterone levels decrease as well. As a consequence, it can cause insomnia, anxiety, breast swelling, memory loss, inability to concentrate, and an increased risk of cancer. To replace hormones in the body, bioidentical hormone replacement therapies may be used. There are few reported side effects, and they’re quickly metabolised in the body because they’re normal.

The procedure will help to battle the signs of ageing and return the body to a healthy state, allowing you to feel relaxed and secure again. Reduce the risk of gaining weight, lose weight, and maintain your attention and concentration by not being unable to sleep and rest well. Do not allow a lack of hormones to overwhelm you and make you sad. The remaining years of one’s life must be savoured to the fullest extent possible. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy allows women to avoid the negative effects of menopause and instead enjoy the best years of their lives.