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Falls Church chiropractic- An Intro

Chiropractic care is based upon the principle that the body can heal itself through a process of manipulation and control of the forces that act upon it. Chiropractic is an alternative and pseudoscientific medical discipline primarily concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical ailments of the skeletal system, particularly the spine. Chiropractic care addresses the neuro musculoskeletal processes that result in abnormal movements, pain, dysfunction and other disorders. Its principal goal is to identify and treat the underlying cause of the disorder rather than treating symptoms. Have a look at Falls Church chiropractic.

Chiropractors are trained as doctors but have studied anatomy, pharmacology, kinesiology (the study of mechanics and function), physiology, psychology and neurology. They must also have a thorough knowledge of appropriate diagnostic techniques and methods of treatment. Chiropractors perform diagnostic examinations, which may include x-rays and computer scans. They evaluate spinal joint mobility, soft tissue integrity and the overall health of the neck and back. A chiropractor can also recommend and prescribe therapeutic exercises, nutritional products and lifestyle counseling.

Chiropractors are not licensed in most states to practice medicine or perform surgery, but they are recognized as skilled medical professionals and some states have limited board certification for practicing chiropractic care. States that require fewer courses and passing a test to become licensed generally allow chiropractors to practice without being under the supervision of a doctor. In most cases, a chiropractor chooses from an extensive range of options that involve gentle manipulation of the spine and other related joints and tissues. In recent years, many chiropractors have learned how to use exercise equipment to help them maintain proper posture and strengthen their hands-on skills.

Chiropractic care is especially useful for low back pain, but it is equally effective in alleviating the pain of several common disorders and diseases. In fact, chiropractors can treat several conditions at once, including muscular and skeletal issues, sports injuries, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, dental concerns and more. Chiropractors are capable of realigning the spine and other joints and tissues in ways that conventional medical doctors cannot. Many chiropractors also incorporate diet and nutrition into their patient’s well-being.

A serious complication of chiropractic care, however, is the risk of spinal injury. Some patients may experience temporary or long-term spinal nerve damage as a result of spinal manipulation. These serious complications may include degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, herniated discs, subluxations and more. While spinal manipulation is often a necessary component of spinal decompression, it should be used carefully and only by trained professionals.

Chiropractic care has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional medicine. There are many benefits that chiropractors can provide their patients. They can help individuals improve function and alleviate pain. They can also reduce the effects of injury and disease and promote overall health. If you are interested in this type of treatment, talk to your doctor to find out if it might be right for you.