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Hiring The Best Pool Chemicals For Sale Rockton

Most pool supplies distributors have a huge range of algaecides and clarifiers for your pool, and it can be tough to choose the correct one if you don’t know how they function or what they’re used for. pool chemicals for sale Rockton has some nice tips on this.

If you have a problem with algae growing in your pool on a regular basis, you can apply pool algaecide to your pool on a daily basis. There is no reason for the algaecide pool chemical if you have never had an algae problem in your pool.


To treat an existing algae formation, local pool stores and less trustworthy pool supplies dealers will sell an algaecide product. Pool shock is the only pool product that can destroy algae after it has formed in your pool. Algaecide is just a preventative measure; it won’t solve an epidemic that already exists.

A copper-based algaecide or a “quat” or “polyquat” algaecide are the two most common forms of pool algaecide. Copper-based algaecides treat and inhibit algae growth and are effective against all forms of algae. Copper algaecides do not produce foam in a tub, which may be a challenge for “quat” algaecides. Copper algaecides are useful against certain types of algae, but if they are not used properly, they will create stains on the pool’s surface. Copper algaecides cannot be used in a swimming pool with a sanitising device based on biguanides (such as Baquacil or SoftSwim).

The quaternary ammonium compounds known as “quat” or “polyquat” algaecides are quaternary ammonium compounds that handle and inhibit algae growth in a unique way. Since they do not stain a swimming pool, these algaecides are better to use than copper-based algaecides. If you have previously had pool stains created by metals, you can treat your pool with a quat or polyquat algaecide. While quats do not stain, if not used properly, these algaecides will cause foaming. Polyquat pool algaecides are more costly than other varieties of algaecides because they do not cause staining or foaming.

If the pool water becomes dull or murky after 12-24 hours of filtration, a pool clarifier chemical may be required to assist the pool filter in improving water conditions.

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