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How Much Does It Cost To Open A Fence Company?

What are the actual costs involved in opening up a fence company? Opening costs consist of a business license and contractor’s license, an inspection fee, and liability insurance. Insurance is important to protect your company in case of an accident or other damage. Your liability insurance protects your workers and the property on which they work from personal injury lawsuits. You’ll also need building permits and zoning fees to open a fence company. I strongly suggest you to visit Savannah Gate and Fence to learn more about this.
If you plan on installing your own fence system then you must be prepared to have it installed by professionals like licensed contractors. Some fence companies offer do-it-yourself kits but these usually aren’t very reliable because it’s easy to install the flashing that is included in most systems. Most professional companies will offer some form of a guarantee, so if there is a defect in your product you can return it for a replacement.
When it comes to the actual cost of installing your fence company won’t quote you for labor alone. There are other expenses like the various utilities that will have to be running to get your new fence up and running, the fence company will need to survey the property to locate underground utilities, trenching and other utility line work, and any backfilling that may need to be done. The average price of all these items is about two thousand dollars. A good rule of thumb is to expect about one third of your total fence project to be for labor.