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Invisalign Straightens Teeth Invisibly

Is your grin not as vivid as it should be? Do you take the majority of your photos with your mouth shut? But, at the same time, when you don’t want to wear braces, do you want to fix whatever is troubling you with your teeth? Indeed, braces are often associated with younger wearers, and some people actually find the look unappealing; if you fall into this category, you will be relieved to learn that there is a solution for you as well! Invisalign straightens teeth invisibly, or at least as nearly invisibly as possible.

Invisalign is made up of a series of transparent trays that are custom-molded to the teeth’s exact shape. If you think of Invisalign as a mouth guard worn by professional football players, you’re wrong. In fact, Invisalign trays are custom-made to suit your teeth so precisely that they are nearly invisible and practically unnoticeable in your mouth. After a two-week cycle, you swap out one mould for another, gradually moving your teeth into a new spot.You may find more information at Renton Dentist.

The process of having the Invisalign system begins with a visit to your dentist, who will determine whether or not Invisalign is right for you. Overcrowding of the teeth, widely spaced teeth, crossbite, overbite, and underbite are all common problems treated with Invisalign. Invisalign is used to realign teeth that are otherwise misaligned, and it can have both aesthetic and health advantages. For example, if your teeth are crowded, you’re more likely to develop dental decay and gum disease, and correcting overcrowding with Invisalign will help reduce these risks.