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Landscaping Marietta GA- An Intro

Landscaping & Lawn Care offers a wide range of services related to landscape design, landscaping maintenance, soil management and much more. They are experts in landscaping design, building and construction. The company has experienced designers, professional landscapers and highly trained technicians that will provide you with the best services available in the industry. They are dedicated to providing a full range of landscape designing & maintenance services to residential and commercial customers. Do you want to learn more? Visit Landscaping Marietta GA

Beautiful, well landscaped, lawn care enhances the overall quality of life and greatly increases the property value of the house. Landscaping & Lawn Care aims at creating a perfect balance between the inside & outside by combining interior & exterior designing, construction and maintenance. Landscaping & Lawn Care offers an extensive selection of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers for all landscaping needs. Landscaping & Lawn Care’s goal is to create a greener, healthier community by improving the surroundings through proper Landscaping and lawn care. Landscaping & Lawn Care has been serving residents in the Charlotte / Greensboro area since 1985. They pride themselves in providing excellent service, knowledgeable and friendly personnel, a wide variety of landscape designs and quality products.

Landscaping & Lawn Care provides various landscape design packages ranging from simple retaining walls, garden ponds, driveways, playgrounds, basketball courts, outdoor lighting, gazebos, landscape ponds, statues, waterfalls, ponds, gardens and landscaping. Landscaping is one of the many services offered. They offer several landscape design packages for all budgets. Landscaping can be done by the homeowners themselves or they can hire Landscaping companies to do the job. Landscaping & lawn care provides services such as landscape design and maintenance, installation, irrigation, landscape architecture, landscape planning, snow removal, sod and seed, paving, erosion control, tree removal and many others.