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Latest Interior Color Trends for 2021

Fall colour patterns for home interiors have traditionally preferred darker colours over their lighter counterparts, and this season is no different. Fall 2010 heralded a season of decadent chocolate browns, regal purple tones, and gentle shades of rich cream and trusted khaki to complement these hues. Fall 2010 is all about going for the unexpected and letting your individuality show in your home interiors, much like the runway looks. explained here
Don’t worry if you’re hesitant to try out the eye-catching colour combination of purple and brown: lighter shades of lilac and lavender will gently ease you into the wonderful world of purple. We suggest hanging a few curtains or buying a few throw pillows in your desired purple colour to find the perfect shade for your house. If you’re ready to make the change or not, one thing is certain: your home’s interior design will be bang on trend!
Still not sold on these high-end interior colour schemes? Not to worry: dusty pinks, soft tans, and heather greys, which are great colours for those who prefer a more traditional look and feel to their home interiors, are also showing up in fall 2010. Bonus point: Each of these colours has a neutral shade that allows homeowners to swap out accessories for a fresh look as the seasons change. The colour on your walls will never go out of style if you do it this way.
Realistically, it’s difficult to keep up with evolving trends by constantly changing the interiors of your house, but you’d be shocked what a fresh coat of paint in the right colour can do for the look and feel of your most prized possession: your home!