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Lawn Care – Basic Landscaping Maintenance Tips For Your Lawn

A lawn is a rectangular area of land typically planted with hardy grasses and other permanent, hardy plants like clover that are kept in a low-maintenance condition by homeowners with an interest in landscaping and design, or used for recreational and aesthetic purposes. It can be created to suit the needs and preferences of the homeowner, as well as the size of the home and surrounding area. Most often, a lawn is the largest landscaping element in the front yard of a residence. Whether creating a natural extension of the home, or a professionally-designed element of the landscape design around the property, homeowners should be aware that a well-maintained lawn can add thousands to the value of a home, greatly improve the aesthetics of the landscape, and greatly reduce maintenance costs. Have a look at Winston-Salem Lawn Care.

The first step in creating a healthy lawn is understanding the basics of landscaping maintenance and lawn care. The most basic landscaping maintenance includes regular fertilization and mowing, and removing fallen leaves and other debris from the lawn. Depending on the specific requirements of the specific type of grass and the climate and soil characteristics of the area, certain types of grass require more frequent maintenance than others. Frequent maintenance of an established lawn requires many years of planning, as well as professional training and experience, as well as knowledge and tools to help achieve a proper lawn care system.

Aeration is a critical component of any lawn care system. Aerating a lawn helps aerate the soil, providing valuable oxygen to the roots of the grass as they grow, as well as removing excess moisture from the soil. Frequent aeration also helps to prevent weed growth in the area that it is applied to, and decreases the need for harsh pesticides and herbicides to control these pesky insects and pests. Some examples of aerating systems include perches, sprinklers, and aerators. Perches and sprinklers are placed strategically throughout the lawn to evenly distribute the weight of the grass, while aerators can be used in larger areas for back-breaking labor-intensive work.

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