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LEGO Star Wars 3 – The Clone Wars

The clone wars in LEGO Star Wars 3 is a fantastic recreation of the popular franchise. Players may now experience their favourite stories from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the Clone Wars TV series for the first time. original site
The game is simple to learn, fast-paced, and a lot of fun to play. You can engage in one-on-one light sabre combat between the Jedi and the Sith, as well as command enormous ground battles. This is a thrilling new feature that allows you to reenact great fights from the films and animated series.
Another new feature is SceneSwap, which allows you to control many distinct teams at the same time to fulfil various objectives. This adds a whole new dimension to the game, and while it may be a little too challenging for younger players, it surely makes it more interesting for older ones.
There is lots of light sabre action in Lego Star Wars 3, just as there is in previous Lego Star Wars games. However, Lego Star Wars 3 offers new lightsabre actions, such as cutting, throwing, and even climbing! You can even pick up and throw foes, effectively turning them into weapons.
To keep the original fans satisfied, there are plenty of legendary characters like Darth Vader and Chewbacca. However, some new ones appear in the game, especially during the all-new Boss Battles, which feature large foes from the animated series such as Gor and the Zillo Beast.
In comparison to earlier LEGO games, the gameplay has been upgraded, with far more control over the characters and their environs. If you enjoy playing multiplayer games or need to include the rest of your family in your gaming time, the dynamic slit screen mode will be a big hit. It lets your pals to hop in and out of the game as they choose.