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Medical Cannabis – An Info

A valid medical cannabis prescription is practically nonexistent. Only licensed medical cannabis doctors do them and not even do pharmacies or clinics fill them out. Even state governments do not recognize them as legitimate medical forms of treatment, because they are not recognized as legitimate medications on par with conventional medications. In some states, doctors are even prohibited from writing them out for patients, while other states have little to no regulation when it comes to the issuing of medicinal cannabis prescriptions.Do you want to learn more?Do you want to learn more?see  original site

However, because of these state laws, not all qualified medical cannabis doctors are even aware of them. And even if they are aware, there is very little they can do to help patients who are denied a valid form of medical cannabis prescription. Some states have tried to crack down on doctors who write out these prescriptions for patients, but the efforts have fallen flat on their face. There is simply no way that a doctor can be expected to write a medical cannabis prescription, even one that is requested by a family member or a patient.

For this reason, many qualified medical cannabis doctors are trying to set up clinics where they can work directly with the people. Instead of having to get a medical cannabis prescription from their current doctors, they can actually start their clinics right in the comforts of their own home, and work from there. Patients only pay for time spent in the doctor’s office and only pay a small consulting fee for any additional consultations that they want or need. In the end, patients are entitled to the same level of care as anyone else, and medical doctors should not be excluded from that care simply because they were not aware of state laws. It doesn’t make sense for patients to pay more for medical cannabis treatments when state laws have made it illegal for them to do so.