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Newport News mobile home parks- An Intro

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area and are looking to buy or rent a vacation home, there are a number of excellent mobile home parks that are located right here in Newport News, Virginia. There is a wide variety of homes to choose from and each park has something different to offer. For example, there are beautiful lakeside parks with beautiful beaches, and then there are the parks that are so close to downtown that you can take a ferry to downtown. Newport News mobile home parks are very convenient for families, retirees, and other group members who like to stay close to their community and enjoy all that it offers. Do you want to learn more? Visit Newport News mobile home parks

There are two main types of Newport News mobile home parks. First there are the small privately owned mobile homes that only contain one or two rooms. These are called B&Bs and there are plenty to choose from. The second type of park is the larger domiciles that are like small town homes. These are large homes that have more than one room and a few bathrooms. Both of these parks are managed by Great Indoors, Inc., which is a family owned and operated company that owns and maintains all the parks in Newport News.

The majority of the Newport News mobile home parks are open year round and the weather is very mild. You can take a nice relaxing stroll along the beaches or hike some of the trails. The parks even have boat docks for those people who want to take a relaxing ride on the water. These parks are managed by the county and offer everything that any family could need whether it is having fun, taking a walk, or just relaxing.