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NovaGenix – A Closer Look

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is the treatment of the symptoms resulting from the decreased production of a specific sex hormone, usually female or male, or the lack of a hormone entirely. The term bioidentical means that the hormones actually produced by the body are identical to those produced naturally. This therapy has been around for many years, but it is new to the healthcare field. Many medical professionals are beginning to consider that it is an appropriate and safe treatment option. Have a look at NovaGenix.

Bioidentical hormone replacement treatment, also called natural hormone replacement treatment or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, is the application of identical hormones on a molecular basis with synthetic hormones in normal hormone replacement treatment. Bioidentical estrogens that are micronized are delivered to the body’s tissues via the skin, breast implants, or injection systems. There have been case reports of breast tumors that have been successfully treated using micronized estrogens. A woman’s body will adjust to the hormone and it will slowly begin the process of producing estrogen and other hormones in the normal fashion. The body also has the ability to detect the presence of estrogens and prevent further production, but there has yet to be any verified cases of estrogens causing cancer.

To be sure that bioidentical hormones are not a gimmick, they are not readily available over the counter in pharmacies and are only available through a doctor’s office. There is no standard form of administration for these hormones and they must be administered intravenously, intramuscularly, or subcutaneously to achieve effective results. The most commonly administered form of administration for these types of therapies is intravenous shot that contain a combination of methanol, propylene glycol, and a dithiol. In order to obtain the highest possible level of success, the exact dosing formula must be worked out between the patient and her physician.