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Oral Surgeon Bozman – An Expert in Reconstructive Oral Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are experts at correcting fractures of the jaw or facial bones. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are highly trained professionals who perform a variety of minimally invasive surgery techniques. Oral surgeons specialize in reconstructive surgery of both the upper and lower face, jaw and neck, face, oral cavity, jaw, and neck surgery, and facial plastic surgery. Checkout Oral Surgeon Bozman for more info.

Oral surgeons will perform a variety of minimally invasive techniques including enucleation of a tumor, suturing of facial tissue after an oral surgery, repairing fractured or damaged teeth, reconstructing jaws after trauma, repairing and replacing a deviated septum, and repairing and replacing a single lost tooth. Before performing any oral surgery, your dentist will perform a thorough medical exam to ensure that you do not have any underlying medical conditions that would prevent you from surgery. Once you are cleared for oral surgery, you will be required to schedule a consultation with an Oral Surgeon. During your consultation, the oral surgeon will evaluate your mouth, gums, jaw, and neck conditions, including any cosmetic issues, and will develop a treatment plan based on these conditions.

You will be assigned an oral surgeon through the dental office that specializes in the procedure that you require. The dentist near you will schedule an in-office consultation to assess your case and determine your eligibility for surgery. If you are eligible for surgery, an initial consultation will be scheduled. During your initial consultation, your dentist near you will make you aware of the procedure that will be done, how it will affect your jaw, face, or neck, and the benefits and risks of the procedure. Your oral surgeon will also review and evaluate your pre-operation and post-operative dental evaluations.

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