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Shutters Hastings- An Intro

A window shutter is simply a stable and strong window covering usually made up of a wooden frame with horizontally placed horizontal and vertical rails. Mounting on this frame are louvers, slats, fabric, glass, any other material and many other items which can be attached to the frame. These window shutters are generally referred to as a unit as they cover more than one window. The louvers and slats can be adjusted so that the light from the outside is filtered to provide adequate light for the inside as well. There are different types of shutters available and among them the plantation shutters or wooden shutters are the oldest ones in use. They are the most sturdy shutters available and hence are more expensive than any other type of shutters.Learn more by visiting  Shutters Hastings

The plantation shutters consist of horizontal slats riveted to wooden frames and are therefore very strong and durable. The louvres attached to the exterior of these shutters have a flexible tape measure so that the adjustment of the slats is easy. To protect the louvers from being damaged by the harsh rays of the sun, they have a coating of paint fixed on them. These shutters are also very practical as they do not get easily dirty and need very little care and maintenance.

Another very popular window treatment is the wood louvered shutters which are made up of strips of wood fixed to the bottom of the louvers. The advantage of these shutters is that you can adjust the slats to let in more light or block out the light completely. The disadvantage of the wood louvered shutters is that they are expensive and not many people have the budget to buy them. On the other hand, the vinyl shutters or the steel louvered shutters are cheaper and the slats can also be adjusted easily.

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