Holiday Home Services – Emerging Trends

As the credit crunch bites, holiday home owners and other tourism suppliers in the US attempt to forecast what the future holds for the industry.Learn more about us at Broussard Home Services

According to surveys, US customers are reluctant to abandon their key annual vacation in the face of financial stress and economic instability, though they are more likely to take less additional short breaks during the year.

According to research cited by South West Tourism, as the tourism industry polarises, two main trends are emerging. Half of US holidaymakers say they would try to cut costs by downgrading the quality of the hotel or holiday home they want or reducing the amount of days they spend on vacation, opting for a 7 or 10 day break instead of the normal 14. This is a development that package tour operators serving the US market have noticed as well.

The other half of US holidaymakers, on the other hand, state they will not be willing to sacrifice quality in order to save money, while they will be looking for additional value for money when choosing a hotel or holiday home.

Customers aren’t generally searching for cash savings when evaluating what constitutes value for money, according to property management firms. Instead, they’re searching for more ‘bang for their buck,’ meaning extra features or facilities that will enhance their overall enjoyment of the experience. This type of added value will become more and more of a competitive differentiator, allowing some vacation homes to stand out from the crowd.

Specialist companies that service holiday homes and travel concierge services are springing up to meet the demand for these types of added-value services. This may include, for example, the provision of a chef at the holiday home for the duration of the stay or for only one evening, depending on the guest’s preferences. This is a niche service that is rapidly gaining in popularity.

It may also include offering itineraries, making travel plans or restaurant reservations, planning recreational events, pampering, sourcing local items, grocery shopping, and so on. In reality, today’s holiday homes services provider is completely customer-focused, and will go to great lengths to meet any customer whim or demand.