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Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy- Intro

Tired of your home looking a mess? Embarrassed whenever guests come visit? If this sounds like you, then maybe this checklist will help you to keep your home tidy. Get more information’s of original site

1) Put things away once you’ve finished using them. It’s simple, quick and takes next to no effort on your part. The real effort is having to do it all at the same time.

2) Wash up after your meals, not ‘later on’. Leaving them to soak is fine for stubborn stains, but that’s just an over-used excuse for everything else. If it helps, wash up what you can – such as stirring spoons and jugs – during the cooking process, so there’s less to do at the end.

3) If you have kids, then it can be very tough to keep a tidy house. Try and encourage them to put one thing away before getting out any other toys. That way, there’ll be less to clean up once they’ve gone to bed and it’ll be less cluttered during the day.

4) Dust and vacuum, in that order, once a week. You can even break it up by dusting upstairs one day and downstairs another. Make Sunday vacuuming and dusting day and you’ll know that it won’t need doing at all during the week.

5) Children’s bedrooms are frequently been described as bomb sites and many parents choose to turn a blind eye, because it’s their children that have to live in them. But when it comes to homework later in childhood, they’ll need a clean space to work in. Instill a pride for cleanliness in your kids from an early age, although don’t go over the top – they’re meant to be a bit messy!

6) Spills happen, but they needn’t ruin your carpet or flooring. Wipe or soak them up right away and it’ll be like it never happened.

7) If your home suffers from being too cluttered, why not have a regular sort out and throw out what you don’t need. Or, better still, why not go to a car boot sale or see if a charity could take your unwanted items. Your house will look more tidy, the less things you have.

8) If your children like to paint or use modelling clay, make sure you lay down a protective cloth under their play area to avoid damaging carpets or tables.

9) Space can make a house look more tidy, so why not think about rearranging your furniture to see if you can make more room?

10) Storage can also help make things tidier, so consider using boxes, box files, cupboards and shelves to store things away more efficiently.

If you intend to start tidying more, you may start to need more vacuum accessories like Henry bags and Kirby bags, depending on your brand of cleaner.