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Types and Uses of Window Shutters

A window shutter is simply a sturdy and secure window covering consisting mainly of a fixed frame of wood or metal rails and vertical brackets attached to the frame. Attached to the frame are louvers, panels, glass, fabric and virtually any other material that can safely be mounted on the frame. The primary purpose of the shutter is to provide a decorative enclosure for an interior window, but in recent years it has risen in popularity for its wide variety of uses. Shutters are available in many different styles and designs which allow for a range of customization and functional options. Have a look at Shutters Stafford.

Most commonly, shutters are used for window treatments to provide privacy, light control and decorative accent. For these purposes, two main types of shutters are available. Louvered Shutters consist of a series of louvers that either slide out when opened and close back when closing. In the open position, the louvers fully cover the lower part of the window opening. In the close position, the louvers overlap and completely block the lower half of the window opening.

Similarly, when used as a privacy window covering, these types of shutters work well. To further enhance this function, a variety of materials are available to choose from such as wood, aluminum, vinyl and more. Wood provides the most traditional and elegant appearance and often comes in dark stains to best compliment the surrounding decor. Aluminum and vinyl window shades are lightweight and easy to clean and provide additional light control. Fabric and glass shutters are another type of window covering which provide more flexibility in design than the previous two selections and are typically used for light control, but they too can easily be customized and painted in order to match the decor of any room.