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Understanding Areas of a Northern Prairie Cabinets

You will need to measure for new cabinet doors if you are buying new doors for your refacing project. You can reuse your original cabinet door hinges if they are still in good condition and you want to save money. All you have to do in this case is weigh your old doors and you’re good to go. If your old doors have a rabbet around the handle, or simply a notch that runs all the way around the door, you’ll need to order doors with the same notch if you’re using the same hinges. Often, some hinges work with finger pull edges milled around the frame; if you use such hinges with a door with square edges, you can have issues with the door gap when the two doors meet. All you have to do now is double-check that the new doors are compatible with your existing hinges.Get the facts about Northern Prairie Cabinets.

If you want to replace the hinges on your cabinet doors, you’ll need to calculate the cabinet openings and instal the right hinge overlay. 12″ overlay hinges are the most common. Overlays of 1/4″ and 3/4″ are also available. If you’re using 35mm European style hinges, the mounting plate that the hinge uses will most likely decide the overlays. So the section of the hinge that gets drilled into the door stays the same, and you can adjust the overlay by snapping in a different overlay hinge plate. For nearly every use, there are hundreds of different styles of European hinges. Face frame fixed overlay hinges are the ones I’m talking about.

You’re able to order your new custom cabinet doors once you have your cabinet door measurements. There are virtually infinite door types that can be developed. The shaker style door is one of the more inexpensive styles I see requested frequently in kitchen cabinet refacing. It’s an inset panel cabinet door, also known as a recessed panel cabinet door.