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West Dundee Solar Panels – An Insight

A solar panel, also called solar photovoltaic module, is a device made from photovoltaic cells (PV) arranged in a frame for convenient installation. Solar panels generate direct current electrical energy from the sun and use sunlight as an effective source of energy. A set of solar panels is known as a solar PV panel, and a collection of such PV panels forming a PV System is a collection. These sets of panels are wired together and attached to a building, home or other structure for use as electrical power. A Panel’s ability to generate electricity depends on its efficiency of converting light energy into electricity. The efficiency of a solar panel is measured in watts per meter squared.Find additional information at West Dundee solar panels.

Panels can be used to produce electricity from the sun’s rays, which are converted into direct current (DC) electricity. An array of solar panels is connected in series, or in parallel, to increase the capability of conversion of solar energy into electricity. Some solar panels are capable of switching on when sunlight is at its strongest and switch off when it becomes weaker. The technology used to convert the sunlight into DC electricity involves a semiconductor material called “photovoltaic” which converts photons in sunlight into electric current. There are a variety of different technologies to achieve this effect, with varying levels of success. The most efficient solar panels, in terms of the number of PV cells employed and the capacity to convert sunlight directly into electricity, are those made using thin crystalline materials called “photovoltaic” (photo=light, voltaic=electricity).

Solar energy is classified into three forms: electromagnetic energy, electric energy and gravitational energy. Electromagnetic energy is carried by light, while electric energy is produced by flowing water. Because solar panels only convert electromagnetic energy into electric current, they are often also referred to as solar electric generators. A gravitational energy generator harnesses the gravitational pull of the earth to produce electrical energy.

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