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What Types Of Home Care Services Are Available?

Home care is medical care or supportive therapy provided by an individual caregiver in the patient’s home rather than care given in group facilities such as nursing homes or clinics. Home care is also sometimes referred to as domiciliary care, public health care or in-home support. It differs from institutional care in that there is no one to provide this medical care but rather several caregivers providing different kinds of care, mostly within a smaller and more personalized environment. These caregivers work together in teams to ensure that the patient receives proper medical care under the supervision of a licensed physician.Learn more about us at Home Care Philadelphia

You can look for a home care provider through a licensed social worker, a licensed health care agency or a licensed mental health and developmental disability center. The Social Service may provide a referral for you to go to these agencies for further assistance and information. The licensed agencies will also be able to provide more information on what you will need in order to provide this personalized care plan for your loved one. You may need additional services or even medications that you would not be able to supply on your own. You will be provided with these as well along with the assistance and guidance that you need to be able to manage your own illness as well as ensuring that your loved one is receiving all of the best possible care that they need.

Some of the other home care services that you might require including occupational or speech therapy; personal care such as grooming, hygiene, bathing, dressing and medication management; transportation; companionship services including companionship programs such as shopping trips, errands and outings, light housekeeping and meal preparation; child care services; physical therapy and therapeutic exercise; professional legal assistance; crisis intervention and suicide prevention; crisis management; transportation to and from the hospital; home health aides and companionship services. It is very important that you are able to communicate with your companion at all times if you want to ensure that you are providing them with the best level of care. It is important that you work with your companion to learn exactly what their needs are, so that you can provide them with the best personalized care that they deserve. There are many resources available, so you will want to make sure that you take the time to explore all of the options that are available. You will find it is easier to live with a companion than it would be to live alone.

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