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Window Shutter- Window Treatment Options

A window shutter commonly referred to as the drape is a strong and sturdy window covering usually made up of a large frame made up of horizontal and vertical wood rails and vertical stiles. The main feature of a window shutter is that it is primarily used to prevent outside elements such as rain, dust, light and noise from entering the room. These types of shutters are normally hung from wooden frames or sometimes metal. They may also be partially opened so as to allow the entrance of some light into the room. There are various types of these window shutters available in the market today from simple to complex designs and color combinations.Find additional information at shutters monmouth.

Low Maintenance Shutters: Shutters made of vinyl are considered to be the best window coverings for homes as they require less maintenance, are durable and long lasting. They are available in a variety of styles and color patterns and can also be customized. Vinyl shutters are available in various colors and designs. There is no requirement to paint them and therefore they maintain their beauty and durability better than most of the other types of shutters. Also, they do not need any cleaning and are easy to maintain.

Fiberglass Shutters: These types of shutters have very low maintenance as compared to the vinyl varieties and also do not have to be painted. They can be cleaned easily and do not require much maintenance. If the fiberglass shutter does not require painting, then it is an ideal choice for use on high traffic windows as they remain neat and tidy for a longer time. The installation of fiberglass shutter involves attaching it to the windows using nails and screws. There is no need of caulking as well.

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