Types of Senior Home Care

What exactly is Senior Home Care? Senior home care enables senior citizens to get some form of personal care in the comfort of their own home, instead of going to a traditional nursing home or other facilities. The kind of personal care given depends largely on the individual needs of the senior who helps him or her to remain in residence. Have a look at New York senior home care.

One type of senior home care in which the caregiver works for the client is known as free in-home care. Under this arrangement, the client retains the right to have the caregiver to assist in a number of ordinary house chores, such as cooking, getting dressed and shopping for food. The contract that the client signed with the caregiver covers the amount of time that the caregiver works for the client, and also covers the fees for the work that he or she does. The fees for this service can vary significantly, depending on what type of assistance is needed by the senior citizen, and also based on whether the client has chosen to employ a family member or a professional caregiver.

Another type of senior home care is when professional caregivers are hired to visit seniors in their residences to perform errands, clean the home and perform other small tasks that don’t require any physical contact with the elderly adult. These visits can take place on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Some agencies prefer to have the professional caregivers come in daily, while others prefer to have them come in a few times a month, so that they can cover all the usual errands that are needed. Senior home care is typically most helpful when providing companionship for elderly adults who need extra support to carry out their daily activities. It is also a great option for those individuals who do not wish to leave their homes, and for whom remaining in their homes is an important part of their lives.