Passive Fire Protection

Defense Against Passive Fires Having fire extinguishers logically put in every construction is not the complete response to fire safety. Ask yourself if you know where your extinguisher is and how to use it, as well as what kind of fire it is for. The response is most likely no. While the actual extinguisher may help suppress a small fire, without in-built fire safety in the fabric of the building, the possible risks of controlling a fire as well as preventing it from being a raging inferno can significantly increase. Click this Fire Barriers

Fire takes no hostages, and as a result, realistic reduction methods are critical in order to prevent tragedy; however, these smart precautions are often discarded due to expense, a lack of expertise, or being seen as unnecessary by tradespeople. Consider this: would you go into a dangerous building if you knew it was dangerous? The obvious answer is no, but every day, several buildings are built and rebuilt with little consideration given to containing any fire in the event of an outbreak.

Restrictions and their compliance play an important role in reducing injuries and deaths, but many more lives could be saved if prudent practise prevailed. Many of us have seen the effects of an elementary school science lesson in which a lit candle was placed in a cardboard box and then sealed shut to deprive the fire flames of oxygen. If the same sealing and fire-prevention principles were applied to every new construction project, or perhaps renovations, the real benefits would be obvious, and the property would be properly fire-protected. With tighter laws, many builders and contractors are becoming more responsible for the work they do. For far too long, contracts have been executed very quickly, at the expense of fire safety procedures, and when disaster strikes, it can be difficult to determine fault. Nonetheless, with the growth of law suit companies offering ‘no win, no charge’ marketing deals, it is critical that fire protection work be done to avoid lawsuits due to loss of life or injury.