Lowest Vegas Booking Tips for getting best price

Over thirty million people visit Vegas every year, so many hotels and resorts are needed to accommodate all the visitors. The great thing about it being the entertainment center of the world is that most of the resorts rely on their casinos for the majority of their profits, and are therefore able to set low prices on the rooms.
It’s not hard at all to find cheap hotels in Las Vegas during most of the year. In fact, some vacation packages include hotels that cost less than $50 a night! Even the most luxurious hotels on the Strip are less expensive than luxurious hotels found in other cities around the world. And, as Vegas is a city filled with shops, casinos, rides, shows, attractions, etc, it’s nice to know that you can at least save money on your hotel room.  Checkout original site  for more info

The cheapest time to visit Vegas is anywhere from Sunday through Thursday. Most tourists visit for a weekend getaway, so you can save by NOT going on the weekend. Of course, accommodation is also a bit more expensive during holidays. If you do want to go during a holiday, make sure you book at least a couple weeks in advance before all the affordable rooms are sold out.
The best way to find cheap hotels in Las Vegas is by searching online. Travel companies like Expedia and Travelocity often have great vacation packages at inexpensive prices. Just don’t forget about taxes and fees whenever you receive a quote on a room. You can be charged up to 10% extra for additional costs. Still, that’s not all that much considering you can find a nice hotel for $25-$50.
Whether you want to stay on the Strip or in Old Town, you can find some cheap hotels in Las Vegas. Fall is a great time to visit, as the Nevada desert isn’t too hot, so you should get started on your reservations right now! Look online for the best deals & cheap hotels in Las Vegas.